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Amrita Devaiah - Events and Conference Manager at NCS Trust

“I've worked with Darren on numerous projects all over the country and have always been delighted with the end result. Darren is super easy to work with and always takes time to understand the brief prior to the event so we get great images. I wouldn't hesitate to recommend Darren as an event photographer and look forward to working with him again!”


Kade – DJ at BBC Asian Network/ Reprezent Radio

“When looking for a photographer that can deliver a complete service for radio/music press shots we look for an individual that can deliver quality photos while creating a fun and relaxed atmosphere. Darren was able to do both of these with great energy. While getting our photos done my DJs and I felt super chilled out, and were able to get some amazing natural shots because of this. I’m yet to meet another photographer with Darren’s creative energy. His on the spot thinking and processing of photo ideas is impressive to say the least! A pleasure to work with all around and we’ll definitely use him again!”


Gaby Fleming Trapeze/Aerialist Teacher at Arena Aerial

“I'm a big fan of Darren's style and he's a lovely personality to work with. As a client he really listened to my brief. The delivery was super quick. I use the photos every day for my business. Both models and customers had really great feedback from our shoots"

Joanna Beale - ZumbaWear (UK)

“When asking a photographer to capture the spirit of an event, you take a gamble that they’ll come back with some pictures that do just that.  We never expected for nearly every single shot to encapsulate the drama and excitement of our event so perfectly.  Friendly, efficient and fast - we can’t recommend iDJ enough!  His work is second to none and his portfolio speaks volumes as to his natural talent.”


Rich Symes - Magician (UK)

“If you want real photography with fresh and creative ideas and where you know you will get positive results - use IDJ! I can’t thank Darren enough for the results he achieved. The devil is in his detail! Darren is a great guy to work with!”


Dekay - Musician/Writer (UK)

“The only photographer I’ve met who has a similar creative wavelength to me. Strikes me as having a good eye for colour and angles, to make any subject have hidden depths. Always creates an image that’s memorable interesting to look at, even in mundane circumstances. Some I would go as far to say are iconic. Great work.”


Liam Bagnall - Creative Director at Don’t Flop Entertainment (UK)

“Darren is a pleasure to work with and always goes out of his way to get highly original shots, that captivates the feeling of our events.”


Simon Britton - Producer & Director at Red Rhythm Productions (UK)

“Great, easy going guy who makes the subject feel relaxed and at ease. That’s a rarity in my experience.”


Mandy Clark - Perfect Circle Poi (UK)

“I’ve worked with Darren from IDJ Photography on a few photoshoots involving my troupe of fire poi spinning performers.  Darren impressed me immediately with his keen eye for movement, fresh approach to the work and creative handling of each shoot, his professionalism and commitment to working with the troupe & to get the most of the performers.  He worked easily with the performers, was encouraging and enthusiastic and made everyone feel very much at ease.  His pictures were utterly beautiful, richly detailed and unique - he brought out the real person within the frame - the lightness of touch and depth of understanding of his work is very clear and admirable.  It was an absolute pleasure to work with Darren and I look forward to our next shoot together.”


Shaneshea Parison - Model (New York, U.S)

“Great to work with, very professional, fantastic photographs. so much fun to collaborate with, will do so again in the future.”


Lawrence Dallaglio OBE - The Listening Company (UK)

“A top guy and a great photographer to boot. I’ve been snapped by many a photographer during my career and Darren is right up there with the best of them. I see a promising future ahead.”


Debbie King - Executive Director at London School of Modelling (UK)

“I found Darren to be hard working and talented, with a very friendly and personable character. I would definitely work with Darren again and wish him luck with all his future endeavours.”


Elena Koukis - Richmond, Surrey (UK)

“Darren was a pleasure to work with.  His approach to the photoshoot we collaborated on was very professional, enthusiastic & helpful.  Having done a fair amount of shoots now I speak confidently when I say that Darren is a talented photographer who engages naturally in whatever project he is participating with, his shoots are organised and fun!”


Vidur Odedra - Site HR & EE Manager for The Listening Company/Serco (UK)

“Darren is a professional and dedicated photographer. He has a real gift of catching people emotions perfectly. The pictures are fantastic and many have been featured not only on our internal intranet but also in some marketing campaigns. Fantastic work from a passionate and reliable individual”.


Joey Vines - Copywriter for The Listening Company/Serco (UK)

“An excellent photographer with an eye for detail, Darren has an innate ability to create something out of nothing. The quality of his work is matched only by his versatility and incessant desire to further expand his repertoire. Highly recommended”.


Taria Dawson - Photographer at Maybe Photography (UK)

“Darren has a very unique style to his photography and brings a calming presence to the table that always puts people at ease. He is a very skilled photographer and I am always impressed that no matter the subject he can always capture what other eyes don’t see. I have learned alot through Darren, I would highly recommend his services.”


yasSon - Founder of UK Beatbox TV (UK)

“Darren has supported and captured UK Beatbox fully with his snappy eyes, much love .”


Tania & Shoma - Hackney, London (UK)

“We have greatly enjoyed having our pictures taken by Darren on our wedding day. We felt comfortable but at the same time guided by a professional. And the result was stunning!”


Helen Le Page - Bedford (UK)

”I found that Darren is very professional and creative. He encourages people to be themselves, a excellent outcome of photos are produced.”


Lyndsey Price - Oxjam Music Festival (Oxfam) (UK)

“Darren’s creativity, professionalism and friendliness added to a great night and his photographs and the speed of  his turn around mean I’d recommend him to anyone”


Vinode Pakthyiendra - Site Reporter at The Listening Company/Serco (UK)

“It has been a pleasure working with Darren. He is a highly attentive and intelligent individual with a keen eye for detail and the natural flair to pull off any task no matter the size or complexity”


Dharbi Modi - HR Business Partner at The Listening Company/Serco (UK)

"I have known Darren for a number of years, right from the start when becoming a photographer was just a pipe dream.  Darren took this dream and made it a reality.  Self-taught, ambitious and driven, Darren scoured text books for technical insight and then let his mind take over.  He has developed a skill and precision for his work over the years and has the ability to capture emotions, movement and memories at a click of a button.  It has been a pleasure to have worked with Darren in the past and to enjoy the results of all his hard work now and in the future."


Sudip Dasgupta - at The Listening Company/Serco (UK)

"Darren has a great work ethic and great capaicty to capture the moment. He has always shown dedication and great capacity for success in all the roles he has worked in."


Kevin Taylor - at The Listening Company/Serco (UK)

"When having any dealings with Darren both in a work capacity or in his role as the Resident Photographer at The Listening Company I found him to be very capable and easy to deal with. I have no hesitation in recomending him."


Kevin Judkins - Proprietor/Project Manager at Web Design MK (UK)

"Darren at iDj is an a tentative and ideal person to work with. Fine attention to detail and works at a fast pace to ensure well acheived goals."


Dr Jim Walsh - CEO at Conway Hall (UK)

"Darren has enabled Conway Hall to confidently stride forward in promoting a wide range of activities to new audiences courtesy of stunning photographs that capture both the detail and the breadth of our events in a manner that shows off those events to our best advantage. The images are always of the highest quality and care is taken by Darren to select the ideal composition, focus and viewpoint to make each shot the very best that it can be. At Conway Hall, we believe that Darren combines a perfect balance of technique, science and artistry in his approach that gives us a leading edge when using the images for marketing and publicity purposes. Darren is also absolutely attentive to the needs of each event whether it’s London Thinks, a concert or an exhibition. Total care and consideration are always given to capturing the mood and the essence of each genre and we are consistently delighted with the results. I cannot recommend Darren highly enough."

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