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My work to date has been ever evolving and the experiences I have gained, the people I have met, and the projects I have been involved in have helped me to become a better artist and to produce work that I am very proud to share.


One such project that comes to mind was during the London Occupy Protests in the Summer of 2012. I decided to go out to capture and chase the ongoing events during the demonstrations. During this I liaised with both the police and protesters, building a rapport with both sides to show the truest depictions of the events. Since then I have worked closely with an ever growing number of demonstrators from different organisations and these relationships continue to grow. 


I also had the pleasure of being invited to meet and photograph Robin Gibb (member of the Bee Gees), just a few months before he died. It was to say the least, one of the most surreal, crazy and honorable experiences to be able to meet this legend at his home. Robin Gibb was one of the most welcoming, kind and down to earth people I have ever met.


My work has been published in NME Magazine, The Daily Mail, ‘A Day In The World’ (Worldwide published book), The Londonist, Occupy, UK Uncut amongst others.


When you hire me, you will get a highly motivated, dedicated and hard working photographer with passion for what I do.


Contact me today and let me know what I can do for you.

London/Berlin based photographer, travel worldwide 


My photography work covers all events catering for Weddings, Parties, Modelling, Family Portraits, Live Events, Photoshoots and articles and a wide range of other subject matters.


My approach and style to my work is In The Moment, Raw, Emotional and Bold.

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